Shorinji Kempo is a dynamic modern martial art established in 1947 by Doshin So in Japan.

This active self-defence form is distinguished from other martial arts by a specific method of developing body & mind, combined with a basic study of Kongo Zen meditation and Buddhist philosophy.

With a growing global membership and an active home base in Japan, Shorinji Kempo is an internationally recognised method that combines effective & calm self-defence with mental & physical health.

Shorinji Kempo Amsterdam.

Shorinji kempo Amsterdam was established in 1983 and has had continuous twice-weekly trainings for over 35 years. Founded and taught by 4th Dan – Sensei Hiromi Tojo, SK Amsterdam currently has a dedicated membership of about 30 people.

Reflecting the multicultural nature of Amsterdam, our dojo is rather heterogeneous, consisting of people from various professional & cultural backgrounds. The school is characterized by a strong bond of friendship, which continues outside the dojo and extends to extra trainings in Shorinji Kempo sessions in other countries.

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