Shorinji Kempo combines 3 basic physical training elements.
Goho, Juho & Seiho.

GOHO is the ‘Hard’ aspect of Shorinji Kempo. Comparable to Karate, Boxing or Kung Fu, GOHO develops ability to avoid & block a hard attack by counter attacking with blocks, kicks, punches or chopping motions. One difference between Shorinji Kempo Goho & other styles is that Goho works from a primarily defensive position, and can be easily combined with JUHO:

Comparable with Judo, Ju-Jitsu or arresting techniques, JUHO is the‘Soft’ part of Shorinji Kempo. JUHO focuses on the ability to release oneself from any type of hold or grab, or throw & arrest an attacker. Focusing on pressure points and weak spots in the nervous system, JUHO is a powerful means for a smaller person to overpower a large opponent.

Seiho: Seiho is an in depth study of physiology. Similar to acupuncture and based on ancient Eastern medical knowledge, Seiho creates applicable experience of both the healing and pain giving aspects of pressure points. In Shorinji Kempo Seiho is used to massage training injuries or sprains, bring an opponent back to consciousness, loosen up tense muscles or open up energy channels.

The ability to combine GOHO & JUHO techniques with SEIHO creates a broad range of self-defence options adaptable to many types of situations. All Shorinji Kempo techniques focus on creating a calm attitude and ability to use Kiai breath and Chi energy as physical and mental tools.
This mural painting in a Shaolin Monastery was an important source of inspiration for Doshin So