Typical Shorinji Kempo lesson structure.

Shorinji Kempo sessions last two hours and are accessible to all levels of fitness or experience. Taught by Sensei or advanced Black belts, each lesson is different. The following is a general indication of lesson elements.

Line up Greeting sensei.
Warm up 20 min Stretch, loosening up, running, sit ups, push ups, etc.
Basics 15 min Basic practice in 'Line up'.
Chinkon 5 min Zazen meditation and affirmation of Philosophy. Focus on calming the breath and mind.
Basics motion 20 min Basic & advanced techniques. Mixed levels practice single & pair form self-defence techniques.
Pair form 20 min Group is split up according to belt to practice Goho & Juho pair forms.
Mat practice 10 min Practice of ‘falling and rolling’ on ‘Tatami’ mats.
Sparring 10 min Members train semi-contact and full speed self defence. Sometimes we use body armour & practice full contact techniques.
Seiho 20 min Seiho session pair form pressure point massage & stretching.
Howa 15 min Philosophy study session based on the teachings of Buddha. Howa is designed to remind students of philosophical aspects of practicing Shorinji Kempo.
Cool down 10 min Each lesson ends with loosening up the body and stretching.