Corona virus


Here follows an important notice to all Amsterdam Kenshi:
We hope this message finds you in the best of health & spirits.
Amsterdam senior kenshi have decided to choose ‘Safety First’ – & suspend training in all Amsterdam dojo’s for the time being.
This is a temporary measure – and we intend to resume regular training once there is more clarity about how to fight the Corona virus.
In the meanwhile please take care – keep in touch with us & each other – and use the upcoming period as an opportunity to practice single form Tenchiken – Meditate daily and keep fit in any way you can.

All good things to you & yours.


Shorinji Kempo Amsterdam Core.

We keep the facebookpage also updated.

…of our last demonstration you’ll find here and at our Facebookpage.

Demonstration and free trial.
Our dojo in Amsterdam exists more than 35 years!
To celebrate this we are happy to invite you at our demonstration and free workshop to see and experience Shorinji Kempo together with us on 27 January from 19:00 hour at the dojo in de Van Ostadestraat 155hs.

Happy 2019!

Happy2019SKShomen subject of this year: Meikyo-Shisui.

Painted by Tojo sensei, Amsterdam 2019.

April 2018 the dojo moved to de Pijp.
From the 4th of April Shorinji Kempo will be given in the Shinbukan dojo at de Van Ostadestraat 155hs. (See marker on the map below)

New lesson times from April:
Sunday:        19:00 to 21:00
Wednesday: 19:00 to 21:00

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New branch at University Amsterdam.

Jaap Stahlie Shorinji Kempo USC Amsterdam-1841We are happy to announce our new Branch Master: Jaap Stahlie, starting a new Shorinji Kempo branch at the University Sports Center USC.
Of course Jaap will still be present as our fellow-kenshi at the old Amsterdam dojo with sensei Hiromi Tojo.
More information about the USC dojo you can find here.


Shorinji Kempo Movie Evening


Some nice Shorinji Kempo
movies, old and new, on big screen!

Sunday 30 April
From 20:30 till 23:30
Zaal 100
de Wittenstraat 100
1052BA Amsterdam

No summer-closure.

Because many kenshi would like to continue training shorinji kempo during the summer holiday, the training in the dojo goes on in July and in August.

Try-out lesson for free.

A first try-out lesson is always for free!
Every first Sunday-training of the month will there’s a special session for beginners.

Demonstration at aikido-event.
SK at Aikido dojo
June the 14th a group from 5 kenshi gave a demonstration at the Sho Shin Aikido dojo from Paul Janssen to celebrate his 60th birthday. Four other martial disciplines, more or less close to Aikido, showed their skills. It was a great event and a very pleasant coöperation.

There’s an opportunity to have an examination at the 10th and the 24th of July for Regilio, Theo, Michel, Marcel, Neil, Martijn, Regilio en Simon.

A drink after having a test for the next belt. And yes they passed!





There’s an opportunity to take an examination for the kenshi mentioned at this note. Good luck!









Diner party
Sunday 15 December our chiefs will prepare a delicious diner and provide some drinks. Those who want to join will be asked to contribute € 20,00 each. The diner will be at Zaal 100 after training.

Zaal 100
de Wittenstraat 100
1052BA Amsterdam.
Join the party!

The color of obi’s (belts) for kyu kenshi has been changed.

  1. There’s a new kyu rank, instead of 5 kyu’s there are 6 now.
  2. The color sequence of obi’s is now:
  • Minarai kenshi: white
  • 6th, 5th and 4th kyu: green
  • 3rth, 2nd and 1st kyu: brown

So, if you are wearing yellow, orange, green or blue you can change your obi for another color.

Kempograding-2Victoria, Neil Randis and Erik have successfully passed their examination. Click the photo to see more about it!



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